Meow-vember: Gallery of adorable animals with moustaches released for ‘Movember’

By Kristiana Hall

An adorable gallery of adorable animals with moustaches has been released to mark Movember.

From a hipster giraffe to a hippo that looks quite the gentleman – these hilarious images show how a tash really can suit anything – even wild animals.

There’s even a fish called Adolf, from Stockport, Manchester, that has managed to perfect his moustache.

The images have been gathered from over the world, including South Africa, Canada, Denmark and the UK.

PIC FROM Caters News – (PICTURED: 07/02/18. Pictured: Three-year-old springer spaniel Rufus who gets lots of attention for his moustache from Greenhithe, Kent.)

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS -(PICTURED: MEET Adolfish the goldfish from Stockport, Gtr Manchester)


Pic by Conor ODiddle/Caters News -(Pictured: Kahlo (after Freida Kahlo and her unibrow) is a cute kitten with a perfect moustache from Aberystwyth, Wales.)


Pic by G vd Westhuizen/Caters News – (Pictured: This hippo looks like quite the gentlemen, sporting a glorious moustachein Sanbona Wildlife Reserve in South Africa. Pic taken: 07/09/2017.)


PIC FROM Caters News – (PICTURED: 11/4/18. Pictured: April the horse showing off her moustache in Cheshire, UK..)


PIC BY Grant Atkinson / CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED the lion cub takes up a disguise in the Olare Orok conservancy in Kenya.PIC TAKEN 13/03/17 )