Meet the world’s most pampered pig Penelopi

Meet Penelopi – the world’s most pampered pig who has had thousands lavished on her designer outfits and luxury gifts.

Owner Mindi Reinbolt, 37, begins the day by picking out a brand new outfit for Penelopi from the pig’s full-sized wardrobe.

The 14-month-old porker, who sleeps in her own sparkly pink bedroom, will then spend the day with Mindi accompanying her wherever she goes.

Most pampered pig

While out shopping Mindi pushes Penelopi around in a child buggy – and when they stop for a drink only Starbucks will satisfy the pig’s expensive taste.

Despite having four trotters, Mindi believes her piggy deserves to be treated like a human and loves the attention she gets.

Most pampered pig

Mindi, 37, manager of a medical oncology physicians practice, said: “I treat her like luxury because she acts just like a little girl.

“She is very human like and has the intelligence of a 3-4 year old little girl.

“She loves to go out and about and just loves all the attention from everyone.

“She is my little princess and I love her.”

Mindi adopted Penelopi, a mix between a Juliana and a Mini Pig, when she was 10 months old from Ledge Life Farms. The pig instantly settled in and became best friends with her new brother Bailey, a schnoodle dog.

With the help of her husband Brett, Mindi adapted their home so Penelopi could have her own luxurious space.

They transformed an upstairs room into Penelopi’s very own sparkly pink bedroom complete with a fireplace, a full sized wardrobe, a play pen and lots of piggy accessories.

Mindi said:”Her bedroom is gorgeous and very pink – it is fit for a princess!

“She has her own dresser for all of her clothes.

“Every morning she gets a new outfit on and she has hundreds of matching bows and hats that she wears with each of them.”

Mindi likes to show off her adorable pig as much as possible, and once dressed, takes her out on the town.

Most pampered pig

The 37-year-old said: “She is used to getting all glammed up and going out and meeting people.

“She just loves all the attention from everyone.

“She loves being in the spotlight and everyone loves her.

“Whenever we go out I push her in her very own stroller.

“She is trained to walk on a leash but its not really ideal because people swarm around her, she’s safest in her buggy and she loves it.”

And that’s not where her human-like behaviour ends!

Mindi said: “She loves to go shopping with me. She is mummy’s little shopping buddy and even goes in the dressing room with me.

“She loves Starbucks and often drinks some of my frappuccino when we’re out.

“She also loves to go get ice cream and she even knows how to eat off of a fork and spoon.”

With a new outfit every day, it’s not a surprise that Mindi has forked out £1500 on the miniature pig.

Mindi said: “I spend £60 on Penelopi a month, sometimes more.

“I honestly think her personality makes her stand out more than other pigs.

“She is a little diva Fashionista and she deserves it all.”

The piggy even has her own Facebook page ‘Penelopi the Pig Reinbolt’ with 700 dedicated followers and over 600 followers on her ‘Penelopipig’ Instagram keeping up to date with her daily piggy adventures.