Meet the giraffe dancing partners who are head and shoulders above the rest

When it comes to ‘dancing’ these giraffes are definitely head and shoulders above the rest.

Dancing Giraffes

The two giraffes swaying in unison

The beautiful creatures appeared to be performing an elegant dance routine as they crossed their necks and ‘swayed’ in time to the music in a series of synchronised dance moves.

Dancing Giraffes

The graceful movements may appear hypnotic but the two giants were in fact fighting

Despite their size the giraffes appeared to create perfect symmetry in what looked like a graceful dance routine.

Dancing Giraffes

Known as necking, the two giraffes whip their huge necks at their opponent

But while the gentle giants appeared calm and graceful, the pair were in fact fighting for dominance.

Dancing Giraffes

Captured by Andre Gudkov, the display made for hypnotic viewing and beautiful photographs

Known as ‘necking’, the two males are seen swinging their huge necks in an attempt to take out their opponent.

But incredibly, despite the duo’s aggressive behaviour, the giraffe’s movements still managed to be easy on the eye.

Taken by wildlife photographer, Andrey Gudkov, 42, on the plains of the Masai Mara, Kenya, the Russian managed to snap the giraffes from the safety of his safari jeep.

Andrey said: “Sometimes this behaviour is known as dancing but actually, the two males were fighting to see who is the strongest in the group.

“It is fascinating to watch and even though they are in battle they are still incredibly graceful in their movements.

“Generally, these type of moments are very interesting and it is quite unusual to see it for yourself in the wild.

“I believe it is the job of the photographer to show the rest of the world these amazing moments.

“These fights can be very brutal can last from a few minutes up to an hour.

“Looking back the giraffes to appear to move in unison making for some very beautiful photographs.”