Maybe he’s born with it! Maybe its just the wind!

PIC BY Adrian Burrows/ Caters News

This well mane-tained Lion looks to be auditioning for a shampoo advert.

British part time photographer, Adrian Burrows, 49, from Durban, South Africa snapped the Liontossing his mane about at the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, near Krugersdorp in SA.

Adrian, who runs his own business in the security industry was blown away by the Lion swaying his mane in the wind- looking every bit a salon model.

PIC BY Adrian Burrows/ Caters News

Adrian said: “I was excited to see the results of the photos- there’s nothing like the anticipation of seeing if you had pulled off the shot you had wanted to take for so long

“I have never captured this particular type of image before, but it would be possible to get similar ones in future if you can get in close proximity to the animals with the right weather conditions.

PIC BY Adrian Burrows/ Caters News

“The almost human like behaviour of the lions when they interact and then almost pamper themselves afterwards shows a sensitive and social side to their characters.

“It almost belies the fierce and brutal side of their nature.”