Man’s best friend – Dog teaches little girl to crawl by mimicking her movements

This adorable Jack Russell is helping her best friend get on the move – by teaching her how to crawl.

Simba, the 11-year-old pooch, can be seen showing 11-month-old baby Danni how to crawl by dragging herself along the floor.

The footage shows Simba crawling along the floor in front of Danni, encouraging her to mimic her movements.

And even when Danni tries to stop practising, Simba continually turns around to check up on her baby best friend.

Michelle Thornley, owner of Simba and mother of Danni, shot this video in their home in Watford.

Michelle, 34, said: “It melted my heart when Simba did this, as you can see she’s waiting for Danni to catch up with her.

“She’s a great little dog and has been brilliant with all three of my babies – soon to be four!

“Danni is crawling, but can also stand a little bit – she’s taking a few steps by herself now.

“Simba continues to crawl now, as a sign of attention seeking and showing off – it’s a regular occurrence for her.”