Mane attraction! Bizarre moment firefights mock up animal rescue – using huge 300kg plastic horse

This is the bizarre moment firefighters mocked up an animal rescue – using a huge 47st plastic horse.

Firefighters from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service took part in the special training exercise to learn how to rescue large injured animals.


The Red Watch crew – who are called to more than 250 horseand cow rescues a year – demonstrated the equine rescue on the 300kg plastic model, dubbed Randy, in Markeaton, Derbys.

Kate Southorn, an Advanced Practitioner in Equine Dentistry, took the images and said: “Red Watch estimate they are called to more than 250 large animal rescues a year, including horses and cattle etc.

“We want owners to feel confident in recognising an emergency, knowing how best to respond to the situation, and knowing when they need to call their vet.


“Randy is part of the standard training equipment sourced by Derbyshire Fire & Rescue service.

“He is specifically designed to be heavy and to move like a real recumbent horse, to make training more realistic.”

A veterinary nursing team were also present, and some photos show members doing a wound and bandaging session with two live horsemodels, called Winky & Billy.

The demonstrations were carried out as part of Scarsdale Vets’ Don’t Panic event.