Moment photographer gives a hug to a seven stone shark

An underwater photographer has been snapped giving a cuddle to a seven stone SHARK.
Shark Cuddle
Marine photographer Gavin Parsons had been trying to photograph a rare blue shark – which rarely visit British waters – when he heard that one had been spotted off the coast of Cornwall.
Shark Cuddle
And while out on a boat with conservationist friends who were tagging the animals, to track their progress, he even gave a CUDDLE to one enormous beast.
Shark Cuddle
Gavin said: “I’ve got a great passion for sharks. I’ve travelled across the world to photograph all sorts of sharks – some dangerous, some not.
“When my friend who runs Specialised Charters told me he’d caught a blue shark I had the chance to photograph a new shark species to my collection and not even get in a plane. Blue sharks are beautiful but not that easy to find so having them here in the UK is fantastic.
“Blue sharks wander the oceans and during the summer visit the UK coast to feed on mackerel and anything else they find.
“They can grow to be bigger than a man and weigh more as well. I went out on Monday off the coast of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall to find and document the blues in the area and to help with the catching and tagging process.
“The sharks are caught using mackerel as bait and we enticed the small shark to the boat with small pieces of mackerel; and took time to get him used to the boat before being able to get close enough to photograph him.
“We also caught and tagged 3 sharks. The one I got to hold weighs about 7 stone.”