Man captures world’s most dangerous snake

These are the incredible pictures of one man’s remarkable encounter with the world’s MOST DANGEROUS SNAKE.

Forrest Galante, with girlfriend Jessica Evans, travelled around the South Pacific and Indonesia in search of the region’s most beautiful and dangerous wildlife.

There, they encountered Banded Sea Kraits. With venom ten times stronger than a Cobra’s, Banded Sea Kraits are the most venomous snakes in the world and extremely dangerous.

Forrest Galante encountered the world's most deadliest snake while on holiday in Indonesia

Forrest Galante encountered the world’s most deadliest snake while on holiday in Indonesia

Forrest’s first encounter took place while spearfishing for their dinner off a remote island in Vava’u, Tonga.

He said: “I could not deny myself the opportunity to interact with such a beautiful sea snake.

“I repeatedly dove down and managed to free the snake from the intertwined coral head he had taken refuge in and managed to do it without being bitten.

“My approach to life and wildlife is always very hands on, so when I see something new and unusual, my first instinct is always to go catch it and have a look.

“What was really amazing and surprising was the abundance of really big Banded Sea Kraits in Indonesia.

“In one afternoon we were able to locate and examine 14 different individuals. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t get the heart racing a little.”

These pictures show his encounter with the serpent

These pictures show his encounter with the serpent

Banded Sea Kraits are found in South-East Asia where they hunt for fish by hiding in the coral before attacking with a highly venomous bite to paralyze their prey.

Forrest said: “Had either of us been bitten there’s no doubt we would have died.

“The poison breaks down muscle and red blood cells, clogs up the liver, eventually causing acute liver failure.

“It would be a very painful way to die and it could take two minutes to two days.”

Forrest Galante travels the world looking for rare and exciting wildlife, posting his experiences on his public Facebook page.