Make it snappy! Jaw-dropping moment 20ft crocodile leaps out of river to pose for tourists – just inches from their boat

Rhys Crowley / Caters News 

A selfie-loving saltwater crocodile seized the opportunity to strike a pose for terrified tourists when it leapt straight out of an Australian river just inches from a boat.

This jaw-dropping snap shows Dominator the 20ft (six metre) croc jumping almost as high as the roof a tour boat in the Northern Territory’s Adelaide River.

Don’t let his menacing looks fool you – this one-tonne beast loves nothing more than standing tall and pouting his jaws, if this photograph is anything to go by.

The rare moment was captured by Queensland construction worker Rhys Crowley, 25, who was among awe-struck spectators on a nearby boat.

Rhys, who lives in Noosa Heads but was in the Top End for work, said: “We had only been out for about ten minutes before this happened.”

“You could see how close he was to the boat next to us and how shocked they all were, the screams were so loud. It looked like he could easily jump it on the boat.

“It was a real eye-opener, it definitely makes you appreciate this animal a lot more seeing it in person like this. They are just so big and powerful.”

Rhys Crowley / Caters News

Saltwater crocodile populations are on the rise across Australia, and Adelaide River is one of the most densely-inhabited regions in the nation.

And Dominator lives up to his name, earning a reputation as one of the most dominant crocs in the area.

There are rumours he went tail-to-tail with another 5m croc in the same river named Brutus, who was found with mystery flesh wound earlier this year.

But it seems when the cameras are flashing, Dominator shows his glamorous side, maneuvering himself high enough to capture his best angles.

“They told us he was one of the most aggressive crocs in the region, but he looked pretty tame at the time, he just followed us up to the banks and came out to say hello.”