Lucky escape for wildebeest as crocodile tries to take a bite

It’s a matter of life or death in these series of snaps –  showing wildebeest on their annual migration from Kenya to Tanzania.

Corlette Wessels,45, from Johannesburg, South Africa, had the rare opportunity to photograph the Mara River as the wildebeests crossed the river.

PIC BY Corlette Wessels / CATERS NEWS

Usually a game of chance, one wildebeest made a lucky escape from the lurking crocodiles, which were looking to take down any stragglers.

PIC BY Corlette Wessels / CATERS NEWS

Unable to maintain a solid grip, the large large crocodile lost out on its dinner and the wildebeest escaped.

PIC BY Corlette Wessels / CATERS NEWS

Corlette, a part time wildlife photographer said, “It’s never easy to watch but it’s nature and they all have to eat.

“The wildebeest successfully crossed and got to live another day in Africa.”