Looking cute? Simples! Adorable images of newborn meerkats weighing just one ounce 

THESE adorable baby meerkats make looking cute simples after they were born at a zoo in Florida.

The three pups came into the world at the beginning of last month weighing just one ounce each.

PIC FROM Brevard Zoo / Caters News

Each was born with its eyes and ears closed and their sex unknown.

The pups’ parents and several other adults are part of one of three meerkat “mobs” at Brevard Zoo.

Their mum, Cashew, gave birth on December 4 and the zoo gave the public the chance to name her babies.

Due to their festive birth they were called Vixen, Comet and Cupid.

PIC FROM Brevard Zoo / Caters News

A spokesman for the zoo said: “The little ones, whose sexes are unknown at this time, are living behind the scenes with their parents and several other adults.

“This group is one of three meerkat “mobs” managed by our animal care team.”