Look at me-now! Adopted fluffy cat enjoys shower and blow dry thanks to doting owner

Look at me-now! An adopted fluffy cat has been caught enjoying a shower and blow dry thanks to his doting owner.

Mrs Tran, 26, from Vietnam, adopted her British Longhair cat, Meepo, when he was a kitten after his previous owner could no longer give him the attention he needed.

Now aged two, he couldn’t have settled in better and enjoys his daily routine of lying around and napping while watching Mrs Tran cook and clean.

Pic from Caters News

After his first bath at four months old, Mrs Tran nicknamed Meepo the ‘water cat’ after he enjoyed it that much.

Most Saturday mornings Meepo is pampered, his nails are clipped and he receives a head massage while in the shower.

If that isn’t enough, Meepo then gets a blow dry while cuddling up to Mrs Tran.

Mrs Tran, a translator, said: “We give him shower about twice a month.

“We wake up early on Saturday morning, and Meepo watches me preparing everything we need for his shower.

“I clip his nails, then put him on a firm, high place, he really loves when the water runs down his chest and tail and when I massage his body.

Pic from Caters News

“We often play a little bit, we sing in the shower, make rock star hairstyles and try new shower cap fashion trends.

“He also loves when the warm air from the dryer blows in his fur.

“Once his fur is dried, he likes to take some snacks, drink a lot of water and nap until the afternoon.

“If you ask me why Meepo loves shower, I think we may have adopted a water cat.

“Every time it rains, he can sneak out any minute to lie under the rain on the patio.”

Pic from Caters News

Mrs Tran adopted Meepo back in January 2016 and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

She added: “A friend of mine asked me if I could adopt her kitty, she loved him but she just couldn’t keep him.

“Me and my husband didn’t plan to have baby anytime soon, so we were like, ‘a young couple and a cat, sounds like a good start of a family. So why not?’

“My friend was devastated when she had to let him go, and until now she still keeps up with Meepo.”