Lonely polar bear wonders across snow-less terrain

A lonely polar bear has been caught wondering across snow-less terrain.

Patrick Kientz, 59, was visiting Torngat National Park, Labrador, Canada, last year August when he saw the lonesome bear.

PIC FROM Patrick Kientz/Caters News

The photographer managed to snap the bear trying to catch fish as he roamed around alone.

Patrick believes it gives a rare glimpse into the future of how polar bears may exist without their snowy habitat.

PIC FROM Patrick Kientz/Caters News

Patrick, from Paris, France, added: “It’s very rare to catch a polar bear roaming alone without the snowy terrain.

“It was August when I visited Canada and the ice pack hadn’t yet formed.

PIC FROM Patrick Kientz/Caters News

“This photo gives an insight into how all polar bears will be living in a few years time as a result of climate change.”