Lizard love: adorable chameleons form almost perfect heart shape

These adorable lizards have proved love comes in all shapes, sizes and species – by forming an almost perfect heart shape.

The stunning snapshot, from Indonesia’s Central Java, shows the lizardlovers making the symbol perched on opposing leaves.

Macro-photographer Ery Budi Nurhudha captured the extraordinary scenes in a park last week after closely studying the pair.

Pic by Ery Budi/Caters News

Ery, a 33-year-old nurse, said: “With the two tails forming the heart, it looks like they’re falling in love.

“Animals are not like humans who can be arranged at will. It takes patience and luck to get a unique pose, it takes days to learn how this chameleon’s character and how it behaves.

“In the morning chameleons like to sunbathe while looking for small insect prey. They have long tails like a scorpion’s, which caused the love heart effect.”

Ery has spent has spent years shedding light on the hidden beauty of insects and small lizards through his photography.

Pic by Ery Budi/Caters News

In the mating season, male chameleons attract females by bobbing their heads, puffing up their bodies, and displaying their brightest colors.

The 33-year-old said he has never runs out of interesting behaviour that hides in plain sight.

Ery added: “Yes, I love macro-photography. Capturing secret moments like this is amazing.”