T’s so hot in parts of Australia wild lizards are asking people for a drink!

Pic from Caters News

This is the moment the temperature got so hot in Australia a wild lizard stopped someone on a beach to ask for DRINK.

Photographer Lynette Hewitt was at Scarborough Beach, near Perth, Western Australia, when temperatures hit nearly 42C yesterday (TUES) and she noticed a wild bobtail lizard –  a type of blue tongued skink – emerge from the bush.

The lizards – known locally as Bobbys – are a common sight in the area and with dog-like trust often approach people for water when the temperature gets too high, drinking from bottles and water bowls left out for them.

As Lynette’s video shows this Bobby was more than happy to get a refreshing drink lapping away at the bottle for a good 30 seconds before getting his fill.

Pic from Caters News

Lynette, who runs Hewitt Studios, in Applecross, WA, said: “It was so thirsty, it just kept drinking and drinking. This girl held the water there and he just started drinking, apparently they come out of the bush looking for water.

“He was not interested in being scared or hurt by anyone and when he had finished he just want back into the bush and was quite happy then.”

Pic from Caters News

Bobtail lizards are around 12 inches in length and considered heavy for their size. It has a triangular head and a bright blue tongue with short, stumpy tail is similar in shape to its head. This possibly evolved as a defence mechanism against predators.

Bobbys have been known to enjoy human food as well as drink, being partial to sausages and chicken.