Living on a hair! Stag rocks Bon Jovi do in bid to ward off rivals

By Jake King

This stag could be mimicking superstar Bon Jovi as he appears to rock a full head of hair in a bid to warn off rivals.

As the rutting season comes to end, the Red Deer is making a last ditch attempt to attract a mate and scare off the competition by donning a wig made of bracken.


The snaps, taken by Sue Lindenberg last week in Bushy Park, London, capture the majestic beast with its face covered and sporting a hairstyle reminiscent of eighties era rock star, Jon Bon Jovi.

Retired physiotherapist Sue, from London, said: “It’s the rutting season so the Red Deer Stag are hyped up trying to father offspring and keep other stags away from their harem of hinds.

“They will chase off any stag who seems to be a threat.

“They do this by lots of loud bellowing and will fight violently with clashing of antlers.


“They pick up loads of vegetation – bracken – in their antlers to make themselves look bigger and more threatening to other stag.

“With the bracken on he looks confident because it’s his method of looking more frightening to the other stag.

“It’s certainly a very comical picture!

“It’s amazing how well he appeared to be able to see through his elaborate head dress – Jon Bon Jovi comes to mind.”


The 72-year-old, who has been taking pictures for around five years, said the rutting season has been strange this year – starting late and ending early with less activity compared to other years.

The mum-of-three said: “I’m in this park every morning at dawn.

“It’s a wonderful place for wildlife photography, and the first couple of hours after dawn are the best time.

“As this stag rushed towards me from nowhere it took me completely by surprise.

“I was pleased with the images as they were ‘grab’ shots really.

“I was also pleased as we have seen very few ‘dressed up’ stags this year.”