Living life on the hedge: Adorable hedgehog takes a swim in the sea

An adorable hedgehog amazes friends as he enjoys a swim in the sea.

Dexter the Hedgehog and his owner, Stephanie Gerada, from Welland, Ontario, took a trip to Crystal Beach for the day with a group of friends and were left stunned when little Dexter took to swimming like a fish to water.

Stephanie, 18, said: “When I took him out of my beach bag everyone immediately wanted to see him swim.

“My friends and I were amazed at this tiny creature swimming in a huge body of water.

“I was so proud of my little hedgie and I was so happy to see the smiles he brought to my friend’s faces.

“We played in the water with him for 5 minutes, after that we chilled in the sand and he lounged with us, making hedgehog trails through the beach.”

Stephanie and Dexter, who has just turned one, have been together for nine months but this is not the first time he has swam a few lengths.

She said: “The first time he swam was in a bath tub, that was when I realised how cute he looked and how good of a swimmer he was.

“My friends invited me to stay at their private cottage this summer at Crystal Beach in Ontario.

“I love to bring Dexter to any new places to explore so I asked if I could bring him, of course, they said yes.”