Lion flicks mighty mane as flies swarm his face

This mighty King of the jungle got caught on camera getting annoyed by a cloud of flies.

The majestic creature was just trying to relax when a swarm of the insects surrounded him and would not leave him alone.

Saeed Al Jafar / Caters News

Shaking its head did not help in getting rid of the flies that kept following him even after he walked away.

Saeed Al Jafar, 48, is a businessman from Kuwait and  has been doing photography for the past 28 years.

He managed to capture the beautiful animal in Masai Mara, Kenya.

Saeed said: “There was a small pride of lions having a prey, the male had just finished eating.

“That’s why he has a lot of flies around him.

“I was thinking of how patient he must be with hundreds of flies on his eyes, mouth, and nose.

Saeed Al Jafar / Caters News –

“It is remarkable how these small creatures like the flies could ‘beat’ the monster of the jungle who beats everyone but no one beats him.”