Lion cubs monkey around in tree branches 

These little lions are having a great time monkeying around.

The playful cubs have taken to the branches of a large tree to become little lion kings of all they survey.

Cute video footage shows them peeking over the edge of branches, scratching themselves and sharpening their claws in anticipation of a hunt.

The lions were captured on camera by Suzanne Scott at GG Conservation in Harrismith, South Africa.

Suzanne said: “The cubs climbed to about eight metres (26ft) above the ground. Sometimes they do it just to play and other times because they have seen something to hunt.

“They have chased a spotted genet up a tree on many occasions.

“I would say they spend up to half an hour playing in the tree until they get bored and move on to something else that catches their attention.

“They do also climb to escape danger, for example if they have been fighting with each other.

“One adult lioness once spent three days in a tree as she was fighting with another lioness. We ended up having to cut the tree down with her in it just to get her down.

“Male lions don’t appear to climb as much as their heavier bulk doesn’t allow them to be as adept at it.”