Lion cubs escape from a herd of buffalo but needed the help of their mother to cross a stream

These are the heart-warming pictures of Jicho the lioness helping her two cubs across a river and escape a life-threatening buffalo stampede.

Numbered Lion Cross River

The lioness reach down to rescue her beloved cub

For those who remember Mustafa’s death in The Lion King, these two cubs escaped the same fate, eventually managing to climb the embankment and escape the stampede.

Numbered Lion Cross River

The mother and little lion cub look on as the youngster is plucked from the water

After seeing the herd, Jicho the lioness leapt across the stream onto the safety of an island but neither of her cubs had enough strength to climb up out of the water.

Numbered Lion Cross River

The cubs were forced into the water as a way of avoiding a buffalo herd

The moment her two cubs struggled across the muddy water and barely had the strength to reach the other side of the stream was brilliantly captured by photography couple Laurent Renaud and Dominique Haution in the Masai Mara region in Kenya. 

Numbered Lion Cross River

The adorable cubs were not yet strong enough the climb the embankment and called on mum to save them

Once they had reached the other side, neither cub could manage the climb up onto the island where their mother was standing.

At one point, their situation looked bleak with the two cubs struggling to gain any foothold on the embankment and a buffalo herd fast approaching.

Jicho had to growl instructions and encouragement to her crying young and eventually, after she leant down to help them up, the two cubs made their way up to safety.