Lion Cub Pile On – Mother Swamped By Her Cubs In Adorable Photo Sequence

An adorable cub pile on has been captured in the wild as a lioness enjoys being swamped by her young.

Nick Dale, 51, from Oldham, London, was visiting Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, on March 11 when he captured the adorable photo sequence.

Pic By Nick Dale/Caters News

The photographers images show the lioness lying down on the grass while eight cubs jump on top of one another.

Nick, who is also a private tutor and landlord, said: “The cubs were very cute, and it was a lot of fun taking pictures of them playing with one another, but the problem was the light as it was quickly fading.

“But anyway this set was a result!

Pic By Nick Dale/Caters News

“There were actually two lionesses, each with four cubs, and they were all born within a day of one another, so their mothers took it in turns to nurse them.

“They were usually to be found in the marshes, and we usually went there in the early evening, just before sunset.

“This set mainly focuses on the one lioness as she’s being piled on by the cubs.

Pic By Nick Dale/Caters News

“I’ve photographed lots of different subjects, but I now focus exclusively on wildlife photography.”