Lion around! Safari tourists’ path blocked by pride of lions in road

This king of the jungle proved he was king of the road too – blocking the path of a group of stunned tourists by lying in their way.

Retired bank exec, Geoffrey Veenendaal, 68, was thrilled to photograph the pride of wild lions as they disrupted his journey while travelling deep in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

PIC FROM Geoffrey Veenendaal /Caters News

Amateur photographer Geoffrey, from Cape Town, said the pack of five big cats stepped out of the bush before resting in the middle of the road, where they were joined by lionesses and their cubs.

The wildlife enthusiast said it was the first mass sighting he had ever encountered.

PIC FROM Geoffrey Veenendaal /Caters News

He added: “We were the second vehicle at the sighting when we spotted about five lions in the road.

“The lions and lionesses and their cubs just kept on stepping out of the scrubland and into the road.

PIC FROM Geoffrey Veenendaal /Caters News

“I was gobsmacked.

“As fast as they appeared on the road, the lions left. The five lionesses were followed by at least 20 cubs.”