Like Being In A Shark Attack: Great White Shark Bites Down On Underwater Camera

A huge great white shark gave an up-close insight into what a shark attack looks like when it bit down on an underwater camera.

As Peter Kragh was floating in a boat off Guadalupe Island, Mexico, he dangled a camerainto the deep blue water surrounding him.

After a few close swim pasts, the shark, which Peter believes to measure 14-15 feet suddenly started to breach to the left of the lens.

Leaping out of the water baring its ferocious teeth, the shark chomps down right in front of the camera.

Wildlife videographer of 15 years Peter said: “It was real ‘wow, that was close moment’.

“These sharks are amazing.

“I have been on many trips to Guadalupe and seen many different sharks, but there always seems to be something happening that I haven’t seen before.

“This was an unusual behaviour of this shark.”

Peter said that sharks are normally only interested in jumping out of the water when there is bait, like fish heads, hanging in the water.

Peter said: “Sharks will investigate in different ways.

“A slow swim by to scope out the bait or a slow approach to the bait that might lead to a sudden acceleration in an attempt to get the bait.

“The most aggressive attempt at getting bait is a vertical attack, where the shark comes from below at high speed, almost straight to the surface, leading to a breach of varying height.

“In this situation there was a whitefloat of bait in the water but the shark wasn’t interested in it 

“The shark, very specifically, came towards the camera, this is unusual especially because it was above water 

“I would expect the shark to swim by the camera, but instead it came out of the water after the cameratrying to bite it 

“It was quite the surprise and I had to quickly move the camerato save it.”