Life in sloth lane: Incredible moment backpacker joins sloth in spot of roadside yoga

They’re renowned for being lazy, but this sloth appears to have caught the fitness bug with a spot of spontaneous YOGA with a delighted tourist.


Aussie backpacker Claudia Moser, 33, who’s currently travelling through Central America with her British partner Anthony Pace, 30, were treated to the ultimate off-the-beaten-track experience when they spotted this sloth on the side of a road.

In what appears to be the sloth taking a moment to hold his gate pose – a popular yoga move practiced by yogis around the world – Claudia couldn’t resist joining the active sloth in its moment of tranquility.


The budding photographers were luckily armed with their cameras and captured this rare photo of the notoriously slow creature set amongst the lush green surrounds of Cahuita, Costa Rica, on Tuesday.

Claudia, from Bondi, in Sydney, Australia, said: “We were on a shuttle bus taking us from Moin to Cahuita, the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, when our driver suddenly stopped and pointed out the sloth on the road.


“I couldn’t believe it when I spotted he was doing my favourite yoga pose. Sloths are supposed to be lazy.

“I’ve been practicing yoga for years, so I had to join the sloth on the grassy verge and get into position. It was so much fun.

“We only had a few minutes as we had to continue on our journey and I was worried about the sloths safety. But our driver assured us he was 100 percent safe.


“Apparently they only come down from their tree every six to seven days to go to the toilet.

“I’m sure we will see more of them in the next weeks as we continue our travels, but I doubt any of them will be as sporty as this sprightly sloth.”