Let’s hope he packed his trunks! Elephant mimics submarine as he submerges himself in water in a bid to cool down

This elephant clearly packed his trunks as he mimicked a submarine – submerging himself in water in a bid to cool down.

There was almost nothing left to see of the playful pachyderm after he waded into the Chobe river to escape the blistering Botswana heat.

Antonio Orfao / Caters News

The elephant held his trunk in the air – just like a periscope – as photographer António Órfão snapped away from a small boat.

The 59-year-old from Malanje, Angola said: “I have seen elephants crossing the Chobe river many times before and it is always beautiful to see.

“This time was different because we could safely position our small boat in front of the elephant.

Antonio Orfao / Caters News

“But we kept our distance to avoid disturbing it as soon as we noticed that he was coming to cross.

“It was just amazing to see a big male elephant swimming towards us and photograph that.

“This was a brief moment, no more than a few seconds, because the elephant was coming in our direction.

“He didn’t seem to care about us and we had to move out of his way.”