Leopard stands like meerkat while looking for cub

A leopard has been caught posing like a meerkat while looking for her cub.

Veronica Otter and Catherine Lloyd were visiting Lemala Ewanjan Camp in Tanzania when they spotted the female leopard.

PIC FROM Caters News

They were travelling in a vehicle not far from the leopard when they noticed she was looking for her cub while standing like a meerkat.

The anxious leopard started scanning across the long grass and calling out before she found him.

Catherine, who has lived in the area for 16 years, said: “The leopard was anxious and scanning the grasslands, looking at us every so often in case we had picked it up.

“Whether she knew where the cub was or not we will never know but she certainly called and watched intently and listened in our general direction but the young male never moved and remained well and truly hidden.

“Clearly fed up of waiting and calling she lifted herself to get a really good eyes view of the grass area near us.

“Finally, they reunite and wander off together with not a care in the world.

“I have done numerous safaris and watched wildlife documentaries but I never have I seen this before.

“She was standing at full stretch on her back legs.

“I knew then, as I do now that what I saw was extremely special and something that I will never in a lifetime see again but it is a memory that will forever be embedded within me.”