Lemur alone! Snap shows striped primate appearing to nurse hangover

This lemur looks like he had a heavy night as he was snapped bleary-eyed and clutching his head as if nursing a hangover.

Taken by amateur photographer Peter Stone while he visited Melbourne Zoo, Australia, the lemur can be seen sitting with his left paw placed delicately at his temple as if he’s paying for a heavy night on the sauce.


Peter from Victoria, Melbourne, said: I was there 45 minutes taking the photos and was just walking around seeing what I could capture.

He was in the process of scratching his head but in this shot he was looking worse for wear.

He looked just like he had a hard night like many World Cup fans.

Warehouse operative Peter said he started taking photos with his Nikon D51 in 2014 and enjoys taking photos of wildlife, in particular, capturing their personalities.

Peter said: I take all sorts of photos but I tend to focus on the natural side of things. I generally find wildlife more challenging because you’re trying to get them still for a shot which is quite difficult.

They have such a variety of actions and facial expressions and I like to catch the glint in their eyes.


I was just walking around the lemur exhibition at the zoo early in the morning when I saw a number of them sitting in the sun.

This one was in the process of scratching his head but at that moment he looked like he’d had a rough time.

I had been taking pictures for 45 minutes by this point so I just thought, I know how you feel mate!