Kung-fu monkey! Pint-sized primate captured adopting martial arts stance

This baby monkey was spotted practising the art of Kung Fu.

David Chen caught the adorable vervet monkey adopting a fighting stance and perfecting his moves while on safari in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania earlier this year.

PIC By David Chen/Mercury Press

The 42-year-old amateur photographer was bowled over by the pint-sized primate’s poses which looked as though he was preparing to enter a martial arts battle.

David Chen from Israel said: “It was a surprise to get this shot.

“There were a group of around 10 monkeys on the road who immediately came over to us.

PIC By David Chen/Mercury Press

“I had a feeling this baby monkey was going to do something funny as he was so playful and almost modelling for us.

“Then he started making funny gestures by waving and moving his arms – just like Kung Fu movements.

“After he’d finished he went to his mother and she nursed him.”

PIC By David Chen/Mercury Press

David, who works in finance, loves capturing wildlife around him and has recently returned from trips to Kamchatka in Russia and Tanzania.

David said: “My next trip will involve wildlife for sure, I’ve always had a soft spot for Africa and I’m planning to go back there in the near future.”