Kitty got claws! Rare photos show moment lioness turns and gives mate ‘love bite’ on neck

By Ian Hinchliffe

A photographer has captured the rare moment a lioness plants a love bite on her lover’s neck.

Nevil Lazarus, 71, was visiting the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the North West Cape, South Africa, when he noticed two lions appearing to play with each other.

Upon closer survey, Nevil noticed that the loved-up couple were mating in front of him.

Pic By: Nevil Lazarus/Mercury Press

However, the emotional moment quickly came to a halt when the lioness turned and bit her mate on the neck.

Nevil, who lives in Sydney, Australia, said: “I was in the park with my friend and at around 1pm on October 24, which was our last day there.

“We drove north towards Langklaas waterhole and it was overcast and unseasonably cool, so we turned back to return to Nossob.

“Near the waterhole, we saw a male and female lion on the west side of the track – and it was apparent they were a mating pair.

Pic By: Nevil Lazarus/Mercury Press

“We positioned the vehicle in a manner that fortunately gave us a low angle to the lions and we waited for about ten minutes.

“Eventually, the female approached the resting male, and obviously offered some encouragement.

“Our cameras went into action – and the pictures depicted illustrate the climax, with the lioness biting the mane of the lion amidst growling and roaring.

“The lion then noticed us and gave a menacing stare whilst his tail was twitching menacingly.”