Kitty got claws! Photographs show lioness telling off sheepish male after mating session

A series of photographs have emerged showing a proud lioness telling off her sheepish other half after a mating session.

Shayne McGuire was visiting Massai Mara, in Kenya, when she spotted the two lions mating.

Pic by Shayne McGuire/Caters News

However she was shocked when after they had finished, the lioness proceeded to screech at the male, to which he cowered away in fear.

Shayne, from San Dimas, California, said: “The lioness presented herself to him, which usually ensues a quick copulation.

“The male completed his act, and this was his reaction at the ‘ending’.

Pic by Shayne McGuire/Caters News

“His face was priceless – after the copulation takes place, that is the normal reaction of the female, but the male usually roars back.

“But not this one – he generally looks like ‘oops, wow, the missus is upset!’

“She settled down right away!

“Cats have barbed penises – so when they are mating, the female experiences pain when he withdraws, but the pain in turn stimulates ovulation in the female.

Pic by Shayne McGuire/Caters News

“When she feels the pain, she instinctively turns around and growls at the male, and at the same time tries to scratch him.

“The male is quick, and he gets away before she does any harm – the female’s pain is only momentary, so she does not go after the male again.”