King pong! Hilarious photographs show gorilla taking well needed bath

A photographer has captured the moment a gorilla takes a well needed bath with a massive smile on his face.

Cristi Garcia, 25, was visiting Madrid Zoo, in Spain, when she noticed a gorilla splashing around in the water.

Pic by Cristi Garcia/Caters News

Upon further examination, she noticed that the young gorilla appeared to be cleaning himself – and getting rid of all of the dirt attached to his fur.

And Yuba, the six-year-old gorilla, can be seen looking pretty happy about his private bath time.

Pic by Cristi Garcia/Caters News

Cristi said: “In the images Yuba is taking a cool bath, because in Madrid it was 40 degrees outside.

“Sometimes he had “hyperactivity attacks” where he stirred up his brother, sister and his mother and aunts and then, he continued his moments of “madness” enjoying himself in the water.

Pic by Cristi Garcia/Caters News

“I love to see Yuba being happy.

“I love when he enjoy his life because I feel a deep love for gorillas in particular.

“Out of his family, Yuba is the only one who dares to get into the water to have a bath.”