King of the tumble: Hilarious moment lion gets his foot stuck in a hole and rolls into mud

These hilarious photographs show the embarrassing moment a lion gets his foot stuck in a hole and falls into a pile of mud.

Forget being the king of the jungle – this big cat looks more like king of the tumble.

Lion Taking A Tumble

The clumsy lion taking a tumble

The big cat was prowling around waiting to prey on a young antelope when he got his massive paw stuck in the ground.

He then does a forward roll before landing into a puddle of mud, leaving his mane and tail drenched.

Lion Taking A Tumble

Big foot: The clumsy lion managed to get his huge paw stuck in the ground

The embarrassing sequence was captured by French photographers Lauren Renaud and Dominique Hutton while on safari in the Masai Mara, Kenya.

Lion Taking A Tumble

Caught lion down: The lion managed to miss its meal after its hilarious mishap.

Laurent said: “I have never seen anything like this big fall like this before, it was a total scoop!

“It all happened so fast, and when we looked through our photos it was so shocked to see how funny it looked.

“Afterwards he looked so angry!

“He had missed out on a meal and was left looking like a fool.

“He seemed to be shouting at me in a photo on my camera.”

The lion after, covered in mud

The lion after, covered in mud