Kim cow-dashian eat your heart out

Celebrities love a selfie, but these photos could give even Kim Cow-dashian a run for her money!

The hilarious images were captured by Ibrahim Yasar while he was on a photo tour in north-east Turkey.

Pic by ibrahim Yasar/Caters News

When a cow went for a lie down in the middle of a busy road, Ibrahim’s friends couldn’t miss the opportunity to pose for a selfie with the animal.

Ibrahim, a doctor from Istanbul, said: “The cow just led down on the road and my friend Adem decided he wanted to take a selfie with it.

Pic by ibrahim Yasar/Caters News

“There was a lot of traffic in the road at the time but the cow just lay there and started copying Adem!

“It turned out to be a really popular photo on social media and I’ll never forget how funny it was!”