Ketchup or catsup: Cat cools off by chilling in fridge

Extending the age-old question of whether it is called ketchup or catsup, this warm moggy cooled off by chilling in a fridge.

Walking over to the cooler at home in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Bobby-Joe Audet asks his girlfriend if she wants some food.

Upon opening the door, pet cat Bambi stares out at his owner sat patiently between the orange juice and vegetables on the surrounding shelves.

After a few seconds, the relaxed six-year-old rescue lazily jumps down on to the kitchen floor before sauntering away.

Bobby-Joe said: “Bambi is a very adventurous cat and is always sneaking into the pantry at every opportunity.

“This time, he kept scratching at the fridge door and crying, so we decided to put him in the fridge and keep the door open for a minute.

“He seemed to like it and didn’t freak out when we closed the door.