Kaleidoscopic images showcase waves like never before, as vibrant, colourful light leaks through them

These kaleidoscopic images are the work of one persistent photographer’s efforts to capture vibrant hues at the exact moment a wave break.

Ryan Pernofski’s stunningly vibrant shots feature yellows, reds, blues, and purples as the morning sunlight hits the water at the perfect time.

What’s even more impressive: Ryan, 27, began shooting his popular masterpieces without using a professional camera, taking his iPhone out into the water instead.

Ryan, from South of Sydney, Australia, began experimenting with this method in 2012, using underwater housing to protect his phone, as he could not afford a professional camera.

The perfect time to shoot, he said, is early in the morning, just as the sun is beginning to rise.

There is an air of mysetery about the images, too, as Ryan never reveals the exact locations of his shots out of respect to the locals.

Ryan said: “I am looking for something different other than standard wave shots, so I really push myself to do what it takes to get a cool shot.

“Whether that means getting up way before the sun, like I do most days; going out somewhere that I’m not comfortable; or just trying to get different angles or styles of photos, I am trying to display the crazy beauty of the ocean and usually moments that literally last less than a split second.

“I am looking to first wow myself, and then hopefully having the same effect on other people who view my work.”

Going forward, Ryan hopes to perfect his craft by potentially partnering with high-speed camera brands.

However, as a surf fan, the photographer’s overall goal remains the same as it did on Day One: To push the boundaries of what might be possible in wave photography.

He is also in the process of releasing images from a year-long photography series, whereby Ryan took a photo every day, come rain, hail or shine.

Ryan added: “I think that the more fleeting something is, the more beautiful it is – which is part of the reason why I think waves are incredible, because they travel and are made over hundreds of miles, and then break and finish within a few seconds.

“I also love that every wave is completely different, though you might be out at the same location.

“I am obsessed with photographing waves when there is interesting light, such as on sunrise or sunset – I love the light that leaks through the waves.”