Just monkey business! Amazing photos show baby baboons in heated fracas

Going toe-to-toe, these fighting primates could give Floyd Mayweather a run for his money.

Violent Baboon Fight

A cheeky baboon pulls the tail of another primate

The amazing images – captured by Australian tourist Julie Rathbone on the banks of the Zambezi river in Africa – show the pair engaging in a few fisticuffs.

Violent Baboon Fight

Pictured on the Zambezi river in Africa, the two monkeys are seen squaring up to one another

The Chacma baboons appeared to settle a disagreement by fighting – before a senior baboon plays referee and steps in to break it up.

Violent Baboon Fight

The vicious fracas was caught on camera by Australian photographer, Julie Rathbone

Nurse unit manager Julie Rathbone, 59, from New South Wales, was on a cruise down the river when she spotted the fracas unfolding.

Violent Baboon Fight

Another baboon wades into the fight

She quickly whipped out her camera to capture the dust-up – but said it was difficult to keep up with the speedy youngsters.

She said: “We were following hippos along the edge of the river when the noise of the monkey’s playing attracted my attention.

“They appeared to be playing but one seemed to upset the others and they all went beserk and started chasing each other.

“Once the fight ended they all quietened down and sat around in groups as if nothing had happened.”

Julie said she felt lucky to have captured the moment on camera and said it was “extremely exhilarating.”

“I was quite excited to be in the right place at the right time and was able to get a reasonable amount of frames in focus,” she said.

“The only other time I have seen monkeys interact with each other has been in the zoo so watching them in their own environment, completely unrestrained and free from fences was an exhilarating experience.”