Jump for joy – Playful impala spring through the air

Pic by Lisl Moolman/Caters News 

These impalas really have been caught on the hop – as they spring high into the air.

Playfully running through the African bush, these graceful animals appear to glide through the air.

Despite the effort requited to jump so high, the impalas carried on racing around for an hour.

Pic by Lisl Moolman/Caters News 

The playful animals were pictured by South African photographer Lisl Moolman in Kruger National Park in April.

Lisl, 43, said: “Watching these impalas playing by running and jumping at high speed was extremely special and amusing.

Pic by Lisl Moolman/Caters News 

“They seem to have endless energy and this easily lasted for an hour.

“Photographing wildlife like this was initially a hobby, and it’s just developed from there.”