Jaw-some shark shows off its gnashers to camera

A jaw-some shark has been caught showing off its teeth as he smiles at the camera.

Scott Davis, 50 from Monterey, California, US, took the photos of the shark whilst on a trip in South Africa.

Pic by Scott Davis/Caters News

He said: “I was leading a photography trip in South Africa when I took the photo.

“The great white Shark poked its head out of the water for a closer look at what was going on and was a mere inches away from my camera – his teeth were very impressive!”

Pic by Scott Davis/Caters News s

Scott, a former marine biologist turned photojournalist, had previously studied the deep sea predator off the western coast of the US.

He added:  “For me, white sharks have always been a source of endless fascination and to spend time with them is always special.”