Japanese hairstylist turned artist creates exquisite artwork on camel coat 

A former Japanese hairdresser has found a knack to style coarse hair of camels in magnificent designs using a pair of tiny scissors.

Megumi Takeichi, 30, loves creating designs on camel coat and the dedicated hairstylist turned artist travels the world to give the four legged animals an exquisite look.


Megumi has been coming to Bikaner in Rajasthan in western India for last five years where she keenly participates in competitions in renowned camel fairs.

This year also, Megumi has won second prize in the famous camel hair art competition.

Megumi says: “I love camels. I had not seen this animal in Japan and when I saw them the first time I was really fascinated.


“I was drawn to the intricate designs that the rearers carefully created on their coat and since I was a hairstylist back home, I found it really exciting.”

Megumi learned the tricks from locals and within a year excelled in the artwork. She now takes three weeks to create the intricate patterns on the camel hair that is a mix of both her and Indian culture.

“I find it easier and much more fun to cut hair of camels than humans,” giggles the artist who dreams of giving a makeover to all camels across the world.


Camel hair art is a popular trend in India, Pakistan and Dubai where herders design the coat of their pets every year during camel fairs and Muslim festival of Eid.

While at Bikaner’s camel fair, camel art is more a fun exercise and a prize money is announced for the best design, in Pakistan and Dubai, herders create the designs during Eid-al-Adha in belief that the impressive designs increase the animals’ value at market and further help them sell the camels for their tender meat.