Jackal do – Dozens of birds flee for life as hungry jackal catches prey in desert

Dozens of birds have been caught fleeing for their lives as a hungry jackal catches prey in the desert.

These impressive photos, captured by John Mullineux, 34, from Secunda, South Africa, was visiting the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park in the Kalahari Desert.

PIc by JMX Images/Caters News

The images show the black-backed jackal hunting for birds at a waterhole – and despite dozens fleeing for their life, his hunting skills worked as he’s seen carrying a dead bird in his mouth.

John, a production manager, said: “I had seen some images of this specific jackal hunting birds- I planned a solo trip of two weeks of which four days were about this jackal.

“The dream shot was to have the jackal catch a bird while the jackal is in the air – little did I know I could get one where there was the anticipation of the jackal catching a bird.

“The splash behind the jackal together with the open mouth around a bird while other birds escape made this image stand out.

PIc by JMX Images/Caters News

“It is this single image that made me realise I wanted to spend more of my time taking wildlife photographs.

“As there is little food in the Kalahari Desert, this jackal has learnt to hunt birds, the doves and sandgrouse come to drink shortly after sunrise in huge flocks.

“The sandgrouse are particularly vulnerable as they fill their breast feathers with water which they take back to their nests to keep the eggs cooled from the African sun – while they are soaked they take longer to take off, allowing the jackal more time to find breakfast.