It’s ww-eagle! Photographer snaps action packed images of eagles tustling for a feast!

By Jack Williams

This stunning selection of images shows a group of eagles showing off their very best WWEagle impressions, as the tussle over their latest feasts.

The action-packed shots show the feisty birds colliding in midair, on the ground, and shooting at one another with their talons on full display.

*Mandatory Picture Credit* Hilary Bralove / Caters 

Committed photographer Hilary Bralove spent roughly two weeks during November and into December 2017 capturing the set, which she shot along the Chilkat River, just north of Haines, Alaska, USA.

Standing in sub-zero temperatures along the snow-covered banks, Hilary, 56, witnessed the thousands of eagles that visit the area to feast on the last chum salmon run of the year.

The Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve is a perfect spot for witnessing such a phenomenon, Hilary said, with the bald eagles in the area becoming very vocal.

*Mandatory Picture Credit* Hilary Bralove / Caters 

A common scene, Hilary added, would see an eagle swoop down into the waters, catch a fish, and then feast on the catch in the nearby snow.

From there, however, fights would ensue, as rival eagles attempted to steal the catches themselves.

Hilary, who lives in Loveland, Colorado, said: “I had no expectation of what I would capture on this trip to Alaska.

“I was amazed and very excited to see the results of my work there. It was incredibly rewarding.

*Mandatory Picture Credit* Hilary Bralove / Caters

“Being in the presence of these magnificent and majestic birds was the experience of a lifetime, and being able to capture their behaviors with my camera was a huge bonus.

“I spent two weeks photographing the bald eagles along the Chilkat River, and along with that came a new understanding of what their life is like.

“I was able to both observe and photograph their behaviors and it was an amazing experience.”