Its the ministry of funny squawks! Kestrels put on a show throwing shapes for amused photographer

Pic by Austin Thomas/Caters News

Fun-loving kestrels look to be enjoying their spot under the limelight as they hop about for the camera.

Photographer Austin Thomas took the entertaining shots close to the village of Rainford on the Lancashire and Merseyside border.

The impressive Eurasian Common Kestrels hardly look like the fearsome hunters they are known for as they throw their wings in the air like they just don’t care.

Pic by Austin Thomas/Caters News

Austin said: “I am always trying to capture the personality of my subjects and try to show a behaviour that the Human eye can miss.

“I think they may be doing the hokey-cokey given the one leg in and one leg out similarity with the popular dance.

Pic by Austin Thomas/Caters News 

“When I was watching them they were mainly hunting or sheltering from the wind. On one occasion it was attracted to the presence of a wild owl that it was trying to chase off.”