It’s monkey business – expressive gorilla caught pondering lost in thought

By Jamie Smith

A expressive gorilla has been caught pondering – with even a finger pressed against her cheek as she appears lost in thought.

The young female, known as Obi, was snapped in the moment by science teacher, Kelly Kearse, 60, at Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee, US.

Pic by Tennesse Trails/Caters News

Kelly, who lives in the area, said: “Obi, a young female gorilla, is particularly expressive.

Pic by Tennesse Trails/Caters News

“Here she’s being herself, thinking, smiling and playing with her brother, Ubu and younger sister Andi.

Pic by Tennesse Trails/Caters News

“Obi enjoys playing with her siblings – she will often make faces to them to lure them in for a friendly ambush.”