It’s kara-croake! Cute snaps show frog posed as if it’s taking to the stage

A photographer has captured cute pictures of a tiny frog which appears to be suffering from a touch of stage fright as it clutches a flower stalk like it’s a microphone.

Barbora Polivkova, 40, snapped the tiny creature, which measures between five and eight centimetres, while it was stood on a lily leaf acting as a tiny stage.


The red-eyed tree frog, which is native to South America, is owned by a friend of Barbora’s who helped her to set up the shots two weeks ago in her hometown of Plzen, Czech Republic.

The striking amphibian has bright red eyes with a green body and orange hands and feet.

Mum-of-one Barbora said: “I took these at my friend’s house, he has them as pets.


“We did these shots outside in a meadow with my friend placing the frog on the flower.

“It’s quite new for me to take pictures of an arranged scene.

“I was really keen to get a shot of the frog on the flower as I think the colours work really well.


“My favourite image is where she’s holding on to the stalk.

“I love the blue colour in the background and the way she’s holding it – it looks like she’s playing a tiny instrument like a violin or is about to sing.

“I think it’s quite nice and cute.”


Other images taken by Barbora show the frog grasping on with both feet and holding out one hand.

Barbora said: “The frog was a perfect model. If you put her on something she will hold onto it. It was quite easy to get the shots. She’s very photogenic.

“I deliberately chose a white flower because I wanted the main focus to be the frog.


“She’s only about five to eight centimetres.

“The images have had a lovely reaction from friends. I’ve had a lot of messages from people.”

Industry manager Barbora said she took up photography about five years ago having had a passion for it when she was younger.


Barbora said: “I love taking pictures of flowers, droplets, grass, insects and small animals. I took pictures when I was younger then took it up again about five years ago.

“Micro-photography is what I’m interested in. I’m in love with the detail of it.”