It’s a mog-gle! Meet Dobby the selfie-loving cat who looks like the famous Harry Potter character and even wears socks

Meet Dobby the selfie-loving cat who looks like the famous Harry Potter character and even wears socks.

The one-year-old Ukrainian Levkoy is drawing interest online for his hilarious photos and similarities to the famous house elf from J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world.

Owner Nicole, 30, from Upper West Side, New York, USA, became besotted with Mr Dobbs, also known as Dobby, having searched for a cat that wouldn’t affect her allergies.

Upon adopting the tiny nearly-bald kitten in October, he was so small that the nurse was forced to keep him warm in old socks.

She realised the smitten kitten loves having his photo taken and while trying to grab at the wrist-strap formed a series of amusing selfies.

His owner now says the cat can’t get enough of the photographs and sees it as a fun game, striking hilarious poses.

Nicole said: “I chose the name Dobby because I thought he looked like the character from Harry Potter.


“When I held him, he was very affectionate and more interested in human interaction than jumping around or playing with the other kittens.

“I post what comes to mind, I posted a picture of him doing strange things in my lap and tried to work out what yoga pose he was trying to do.

“I get a very positive response online, people think he is adorable and funny.

“While he was growing up, he would wear old socks making his name even more appropriate.

“My phone has a wrist-strap so that my phone won’t fall off, when he sees that string he instantly tries to grab it.

“Taking pictures for him is like a game, he definitely likes taking photos.

“If I attach a feather he will go crazy, sometimes he even tries to eat the phone.


“It’s him being who is naturally is, at home he is normally watching New York City from the window.

“He looks out and then wonders what I’m doing and starts attacking my phone.”

Nicole started to consider adopting a cats in 2016, after she ‘felt something was missing’ having grown-up with pets for most of her life.

But after discovering she had allergies to the furry felines, she started researching breeds that wouldn’t leave her suffering from reactions.

Nicole said: “After getting tested, learning I did in fact have an allergy, I became determined that there had to be a way to have a cat.

“What I found was several types of breeds – sphynx, peterbalds, donskoys,and one type of very hairy cat that puts out low dander in it’s saliva – claiming to be good for allergy sufferers. 

“The Disclaimer of my research is that the owner has to be very diligent about grooming and some people could still have allergies with these types of cats despite giving them weekly baths not to mention that some breeds are known to have certain heart conditions.” 

Through visiting a breeder to test that she wouldn’t have an allergic reaction to cats she was breeding, she would go onto meet Mr. Dobbs.

Nicole said: “I had no frame of reference for him, I didn’t even know this breed, a Ukrainian levkoy, existed.


“She even admitted that he was a newer breed – early 2000 – only recognized in Europe.

“By late October 2017, we were finally able to take him home with us, and I had lucky.

“My friends, also animal lovers, were excited to meet Mr.Dobbs, this strange little kitten I had been telling them about who was more dog than cat.”

Since adopting Mr. Dobbs, she believes she has been more outgoing, often taking the cat out to find safe spaces and exploring her city.

Nicole hopes to have him trained as a therapy pet in the future.

She said: “He’s started practice, so he can become a professional therapy pet.

“He will be able to go to libraries where children will read aloud to him and strengthen their reading skills that way.”