Its a bugs life


Pic by Lim Choo How /Caters News

A photographer captures the rare moment a group of wasps blow water bubbles.

Lim Choo How, 49, from Kedah, Malaysia, was walking around a factory compound one day in June when he noticed the wasp flying round a nest, absorbing water and blowing water away to keep their nest dry.

Pic by Lim Choo How /Caters News

Lim, who takes does photography as a hobby for 12 years, rushed back to his office to pick up his camera.

He said: “This behaviour is rare in macro photography.

Pic by Lim Choo How /Caters News

“After sharing my photos I get good response from lots of friend, especially on Facebook.

“There is a wonderful world out there of us to explore through macro photography so let’s start clicking away.”

Pic by Lim Choo How / Caters News