Is this the world’s most royal grasshopper? Purple coloured insect wows the internet

They say purple is the colour of royalty, and this regal looking grasshopper is no exception.

Grasshoppers are usually green or brown to blend in with their surroundings, so Hilary Kearney, 32, was justifiably stunned when she spied the colorful creature in Costa Rica.

With its richly purple colored body, this noble insect might be more at home in the gardens of Buckingham Palace than the rainforests of Central America.

Hilary, a beekeeper in San Diego, said: “At first I just thought: Wow! Look at that huge grasshopper!

“But when I coaxed it onto my hand to get a picture for scale, I realized it was all purple! The photo is pretty accurate, it was very vibrant.

PIC FROM Hilary Kearny / @girlnextdoorhoney / Caters News

“Once it was on my hand it was pretty calm.”

Hilary, who is Insta-famous for the aesthetic snaps of her beekeeping farm, was in Costa Rica for her bachelorette party when she spotted the grasshopper.

And now, the insect has found fame in its own right, garnering legions of online fans for its unusual appearance.

It is understood the species is a Taeniopoda reticulata, also known as a purple lubber grasshopper.

Hilary said her discovery is proof of the hidden beauty that can be found in the animal kingdom.

Hilary said: “One of the things I try to teach through my Instagram account is to see the beauty in creatures that are normally disliked.”

“Everything has its place in our ecosystem. When you look closer at things, you might be surprised how amazing they are.”

You can check more of Hilary’s Instagram here: [MANDATORY BYLINE]