Is this the internet’s scariest cat? Terrifying cat with bizarre underbite becomes viral sensation!

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Is this the scariest cat on the internet? A terrifying moggy with a bizarre underbite has racked up tens of thousands of instagram followers – thanks to her unusual features.

Her remarkable underbite and penetrating green eyes give the four-year-old Persian cat fangs and a fixing stare.

But the cat‘s owner, Jessica Saldan, a 45-year-old school nurse from New Jersey, says Miss Raspberry Kittay is completely misunderstood.

Her 53,000 followers are also quick to leap to her defence.

Jessica said: “She looks like a really grumpy cat, and people are even afraid of her because of her underbite.

“People have made some truly horrible comments about her. They call her ugly and scary, to the point someone said she was the scariest cat on the internet.

“But she’s not a scary cat, she’s really sweet.

“She is the classic example to my kids of not judging a book by its cover.”

PIC FROM Caters News

Miss Raspberry Kittay was discovered on a roadside by Jessica’s cousin as a one-year-old stray.

She was covered in dirt, matted, and weighed a mere four pounds.

After her cousin posted about the cat on Facebook, Jessica and her husband Sean, 46, fell in love with her instantly.

They had the cat delivered to them by the cousin, but only after a vet centre had given her a remarkable name.

Jessica said: “As soon as we saw her,

I love her name, but sadly I can’t take much credit for it.

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“When I found out what it was, there was just no way I could change it.

“She got her name because wherever she goes she has her tongue sticking out, so it looks like she is blowing raspberries.

“We normally shorten it to ‘Ras’. She responds to that and comes running when she wants.”

According to Jessica, vets say the likely cause of Miss Raspberry Kittay’s trademark underbite is inbreeding.

Although it does not cause her any health problems, it does sometimes make eating a little more difficult for her.

Jessica said: “She does make a bit more mess than other cats when she’s eating.

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“But we really don’t mind that. We just think she’s really cute.

“If bad breeding has caused this, then she might face health problems in the future, but for now she’s a perfectly fine.”

That will come as good news to Miss Raspberry Kittay’s tens of thousands of followers.

She has become so famous since her first appearance on Cats of Instagram, she caused a stir in the local vets.

Jessica said: “I didn’t realise there was a whole world of cats out there on Instagram.

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“One day I just submitted a photo of her to Cats of Instagram and within 10 minutes I was bombarded with friend requests. It was crazy.

“We had to take her to the emergency vets six months ago because she swallowed one of her toys.

“After we had waited a while, one of the nurses stuck her head around the door and asked me if she was on Instagram.

“I said yes, and the nurse yelled down the hall ‘it’s her’.

“Then more of the staff came running and took pictures. It was really funny, and quite amazing.”

PIC FROM Caters News

Of the cat‘s critics, Jessica maintains she does not worry about it much.

She said: “We get far more nice comments than mean ones.

“I sometimes try and reply, but mostly I don’t have the time and I don’t care.

“It does hurt sometimes thought. I have three sons, so she’s like my only daughter, in a weird way.”
Miss Raspberry Kittay can be found at @miss_raspberry_kittay.