Is This Just Fantasy? Lions Pose For Perfect Boh-mane-ian Rhapsody Shot

A pride of lions have become musical masters by recreating their own Boh-mane-ian Rhapsody album cover.

Photographer, Daniel Rosengren, 40, managed to capture the once in a lifetime shot where the stealthy big cats show only their heads in a perfect circle – just like the iconic cover made famous by band Queen.

PIC FROM Daniel Rosengren/Caters News

Daniel, from Sweden, said, “This is a very small pride called Mukoma Mischiefs with only one adult female and her four young cubs – one is out of frame.

“To get the lion’s heads with only the sky as background, I slowly sneaked out of my car and hunkered down low.

“Seeing me out of the car intrigued all the lions very much, hence the intense look in their eyes.

PIC FROM Daniel Rosengren/Caters News

“I took a whole series of photos and, like in the lion circle photo, only one had this perfect symmetry.

“I couldn’t believe the perfect overlap of the ears and I thought about the cover of the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen.

“It looks like the lions are piled up, lying on top of each other but the truth is, the centre lion at the bottom is actually completely in front of the rest -look closely and you can see her shoulder and butt to the right of her.”

PIC FROM Daniel Rosengren/Caters News