Is that an underwater tornado? Diver caught in giant school of fish

It looks like an underwater tornado – but a diver was actually stuck in the middle of a huge school of FISH.

Tornado of fish

Photographer, Caine Delacy, with his wife, Mika Woyda, inside the swirling tornado of fish

The fish swarmed around Mika Woyda in their thousands as she swam off the coast of Cabo Pulmo, Mexico.

Tornado of fish

In the eye of the storm: Mika swims amongst thousands of fish

Her husband Caine Delacy snapped the breath-taking images of Mika in scenes he revealed he had never witnessed in 20 years of diving.

Tornado of fish

After entering the water to get some underwater shots, the pair were stunned to come across the humungous shoal

Before entering the water the couple, who live in Boulder, Colorado, USA, had some shots in mind but never imagined what they would capture.

Tornado of fish

Pictured swimming amongst a tornado of fish, photographer, Caine, manages to take an impressive selfie

Marine biologist Caine, 34, even managed to snap a few selfies while the fish, commonly known as Big-eye Jacks, swam in the background.

Caine, from Ballarat, Australia, said: “I’ve seldom experienced these kinds of schools.

“This was one of the biggest schools of fish I’ve seen and to witness this amount of life was surreal.

“My real profession is as a marine biologist so throughout my career I’ve witnessed the end result of too much fishing.

“Being in the middle of all that life was unique and spectacular.”